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Belgium’s best eats: 4 foods not to miss

Belgium's best eats: 4 foods not to miss

If you love food, you’ll sure love Belgium.

Belgium is basically a frugal foodies paradise. None of it is the slightest bit healthy, but surely your vacation is the opportune time to treat yourself in order to sample the local cuisines.

One of my favourite travel pastimes is sitting in a café or bar and watching the world go by, and Belgium is the perfect place to do this – even in winter you can sit beneath an outdoor heater or inside next to a large glass window while you enjoy some of the best eats the country has to offer.

Here are 4 tasty treats you absolutely must not miss on your visit to Belgium.

Belgian Waffles, Bruges


I’m pretty certain that there is nobody in the world that doesn’t like waffles. Aside from the fact that I was trying to eat somewhat healthily while I was in Bruges, I just had to give these delectable local treats a try.

Belgian waffles are usually served topped with chocolate spread or cherries and whipped cream. There’s no need to head to a fancy restaurant – you can easily find them at street vendors or hole-in-the-wall cafés.

Belgian Chocolate, Bruges


I’m sure many of you have tried Belgian chocolate at some stage or another, and there’s a reason it’s so popular.

Chocolate is probably one of the most expensive foods you’ll find in Belgium, but that would be because it’s so damn delicious. It will usually be sold in the form of chocolate bark and sometimes with added flavours such as nuts or dried fruits.

Belgian Fries


Travel to Belgium and you will very quickly find out that there is ongoing dispute about whether fries originated in France or Belgium. The locals in both countries will claim it as their own!

Belgian fries are thick cut and double deep-fried for extra crispness. Most of the time they’ll be served in a cone and topped with mayonnaise. You can buy great fries from any street vendor.

Belgian Beer, Bruges


I know, I know, beer isn’t food – but Belgian beer is so heavy and delicious that it may as well be. The thick and creamy tastes are sure to leave you wanting more.

You can find a very large selection of brands and flavours and many bars. I recommend checking out The Beer Wall in Bruges (pictured above), or Delirium Cafe in Brussels which has over 2000 beers to choose from.

What foods do you recommend trying in Belgium? Share your favourites in the comments!

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25 Responses to “Belgium’s best eats: 4 foods not to miss”

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Oh you were on such an epic mission Shannon! I think Dumon was the one tried in Bruges. Chocolate and beer in the same meal? What could be better!

  1. Miles of Happiness

    Totally agree! I’ve been living there for three years and took a looot of weight , but trust me, It worths it!! Just talking about it make me starving!!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I know what you mean Tiffany, I’m not even a huge fan of beer but I just couldn’t get enough of it in Belgium! I swear that country puts some sort of magic in their food/drink.

  2. Dana (Wanted Adventure)

    I can hear my stomach grumbling now 😀 Was there a few years ago and LOVED my waffle! Got it with chocolate and whipped cream, and it most definitely did not disappoint. I worried that perhaps it would be all just a bunch of hype, but it definitely lived up to every expectation and then some 😀 Glad to read you enjoyed it too!!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I had the same fear Dana! The waffles seemed like they would probably be just any old waffle, but no – they were amazing 😀

  3. Emma @ LWL

    I had chocolate and waffles in Brussels, I have to be honest they weren’t actually that amazing – I guess I bought the cheap stuff haha. Oh well… I’ll just have to go back! 😉

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I’m sure there are many places that sell sub-standard waffles Emma – sometimes these things can be hit and miss! Though I think the best thing to do is try and research the best places to get them before you arrive 😉

  4. Jade

    I’m actually from Belgium, and really enjoy these as well! The fries vary though, because sometimes they can be quite thin and salty. My grandmother used to make fries herself, and they were always really big like the ones you described.

    And the chocolate, mm….
    And I’m not such a beer drinker, but the abbey beers are really good!

    I hope you enjoyed your stay 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      That’s really interesting, I wonder if the cut of the fries varies depending on which region you’re in?

      I did enjoy my stay, especially Bruges! Thanks Jade 🙂

  5. Jessica C. (A Wanderlust For Life)

    I think you covered it! In our time in Gent and Bruges I loved all the food you mentioned (except beer, I just don’t have a taste for it.) One of my favorite pieces of chocolate is from Leonida’s. Their vanilla creme chocolate is amazing!! Yes, I know it’s a chain which makes it better so I could get it in the States and in Amsterdam 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Beer is an acquired taste, I didn’t drink much until I visited Germany and by the time I got to Belgium I was a big fan 😛 That vanilla creme chocolate sounds incredible, thanks for sharing your tips Jessica!

  6. Vanessa Morgan

    Being from Belgium, I can also recommend waterzooi (speciality from Ghent) and carbonades (to eat with your French fries) 😉

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Just had to Google what waterzooi and carbonades were, they look tasty! I wonder if they have vegetarian versions 😉 Thanks for your tips Vanessa!

  7. Alex Conomos

    Last time I was in Brussels I tried escargots from a stand and they were pretty good. It was nice to try something usually only associated with expensive French restaurants as street food.

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Wow, I always thought they were expensive restaurant food and didn’t know you could get them as street food! Thanks Alex!

  8. Shabs

    We will be in Belgium this summer near the end of our backpacking trip – we definitely need to tick off each of these at least once! Yum!

    Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      They definitely shouldn’t be missed! Also, how could you resist fries and chocolate and waffles and beer… Mmmm 😀

  9. Janet Levine

    When in Brussels, you must try mussels! Also, my favorite chocolat is Cote d’Or. The frites are beyond compare. Try walking past a frites street vendor and not buying a cone full. The aroma will drive you mad!


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