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5 cities I’d go back to in a heartbeat

5 cities I'd go back to in a heartbeat

It’s almost a foreign concept to think about which destinations I’d like to head back to again.

I usually scroll through Pinterest boards of glamorous travel shots and posts from other travel bloggers to gather travel ideas and inspiration. I have such a hunger to discover new places that I’ve never really sat back and thought hey, maybe that place is worth a second visit.

But now that I think about it a little harder, I’ve realised that I already have places on my list that I’ve been to before and would like to go back to, and it seems so obvious that there are plenty of places I’d like to visit again, I’ve just never really thought about it.

Here are five cities I’d go back to in a heartbeat. What are yours?

Portland, Oregon

1. Portland, Oregon, USA

I visited Portland in 2013, and fell in love with the place right away. There are so many things that appealed to me – the coffee shops, the thrift stores, the extensive range of vegetarian food, the proximity to other major cities and national parks…

Robert and I felt like we could connect with the way of life of people in Portland. If you’ve ever watched Portlandia, you might understand what we mean. In a strange way, the weirdness is what draws us.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

2. Ljubljana, Slovenia

We love finding places that are a wonderfully strange, and Ljubljana definitely fits into this category. A mixed vibe of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, with a bunch of pretty buildings, street art, and a cool castle thrown in. What more could you possibly want?

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munich germany

3. Munich, Germany

The 1/4 of me that is German got a tad over-excited at Munich’s rich Bavarian culture. The city itself had a rather lovely selection of both old and new architecture, and our day trip to the Bavarian countryside was darn spectacular.

And the beer halls. Oh, the beer halls. If you like the idea of steins filled with tasty Bavarian beer, salty pretzels and Weisswurst (white sausage), and waiters and waitresses dressed in traditional Dirndls and Lederhosen, you’ll fit right in.

We spent 4 nights in Munich on our backpacking trip through Europe but it just wasn’t enough. Next time, I’ll definitely visit during Oktoberfest.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nestled in the mountainous area of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai had some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. The locals were more than willing to practice their English with us and make recommendations for things to see in the area.

The city wasn’t overloaded with tourists like some other areas of Thailand, and the prices were incredibly cheap (we got an amazing Pad Thai at a street stall for only .60c). Elaborately decorated temples appeared around every corner and we saw local monks doing daily walks of the main street collecting offers from the locals.

I’d happily spend another week relaxing and exploring the surroundings areas of Northern Thailand.

St Petersburg, Russia

5. St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg was only the second stop on our three month backpacking trip, but boy was it a winner. We stayed in the best hostel ever right on the riverfront in the city centre.

The sights in St Petersburg were awesome – we especially enjoyed the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines where we were handed authentic soviet era coins to use in the restored machines. We proceeded to drive miniature tanks around a war course, and compared our strength to a family farm’s little girl or apparently muscly grandfather by pulling a “turnip” from the ground.

The Hermitage Museum was also fantastic (way better than the Louvre, sorry Paris) and we didn’t have to pay for tickets as we went on the monthly free entrance day, which is the first Thursday of every month.

I would definitely head back to this place for more museums, the delicious bakeries, and to continue exploration of the many winding rivers and pretty pastel architecture.

Which cities would you like to visit again? Share with us in the comments!

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21 Responses to “5 cities I’d go back to in a heartbeat”

  1. Kiara Gallop

    I totally agree with you on Chiang Mai and Ljubljana! Well actally, I have been back to Chiang Mai twice already but I love it there so much. And Ljubljana, well what can I say? It’s one of the most charming capital cities I’ve ever visited 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I don’t think anyone could get tired of visiting Chiang Mai 😉 And oh, Ljubljana, I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way about it! Thanks for your comment Kiara!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thanks Merlin, I try to have a lot of variety in the places I visit. One trip will be relaxing on a beach in Asia, and the next will be walking through a political protest in Ukraine!

  2. Henar

    Munich is such a wonderful and inspiring city. Big enough to have everything you may need but small enough to feel cozy and so close to amazing landscapes and hiking/skiing places! I really miss it 🙂 thanks for sharing ^^^

  3. Olga L.

    Interesting places you’ve picked, even though i haven’t visited all of them, i am sure they are beautiful!
    i would revisit Holland itself, especially Utrecht; Paris (for the 4th time :)), Barcelona, Tel-Aviv…

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I’ve heard that Utrecht is wonderful. Tel-Aviv is an interesting choice… I’ve never been but I guess I should add it to my list! Thanks for sharing Olga!

      • Olga L.

        Yes!!! You definetely should! Tel-aviv is very cosy and welcoming place. There is something specific about its athmosphere + you will be able to make a wish in Jerusalim and swim in dead sea!

  4. Heather McCorriston

    I would really love to visit Munich 🙂 as for cities I’d go back to, Berlin is high on my list as are New York and Miami. Despite living in Britain, I never get tired of visiting London and out of all the amazing places I’ve been, it remains my favourite.

    Heather x

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Berlin is also high on my list. And New York, oh, who wouldn’t want to revisit New York! London too, such a wonderful city. Thanks for sharing Heather!

  5. Anne-Laure

    Your list is really eclectic which is great, mine will be less so as I’ve never travelled outside Europe but it say:
    1. Berlin
    2. Toulouse (I know it’s silly since it’s my hometown but I never get tired of it and I’ don’t live there anymore)
    3. Thessaloniki
    4. Barcelona
    5. Bratislava
    Loved the pictures, btw!

    A. x

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Great list Anne-Laure! I’d love to check out Thessaloniki and Toulouse, and Berlin would come close to my top 5 as well 😉

  6. Anna

    You must come back to Russia and explore Moscow – it is the heart of the country and one of the most amazing cities on the planet, period 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I have been to Moscow (I actually went right before my trip to St Petersburg) and I really enjoyed it! I’d go back again, for sure 🙂

      • Anna

        Yup, I then found your notes. So glad you got to explore it – and I will never stop evangelizing, as it’s the best place in Russia to visit! :)))))

  7. Emily

    Great list! I love Munich too, it’s an amazing city. Would love to visit the others!
    My list would have to be Barcelona, San Francisco, Stockholm, Paris and Boston. I love exploring big cities and love that each time you return there seem to be a million new shops, cafes and restaurants to try!


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