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My top 5 things to do in Vienna

I spent four days in Vienna and found myself enchanted by this charming city.

Vienna is brimming with culinary delights, performing arts, classical music, tradition and history. Here are my top 3 things to do in Vienna!

1. Check out the street art

I love that this city isn’t only famous for its posh opera and high-end fashion. The less fancy of us can choose to delve into the underground art culture of Vienna by exploring the public art on display throughout the city. My favourite were the colourful installations that arched along the ceilings of the passageways between buildings in Museums Quartier.

Vienna 10

Vienna 13

2. Visit the stunning opera house

Our trip to Vienna wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the famous Opera House. The romantic architecture of this stunning Neo-Renaissance building made it easily my favourite building in the city. We entered the ticket office and picked a performance by a solo artist, then dressed to the nines and enjoyed being fancy for an evening.

Vienna 5

Vienna 16

Vienna 15

3. head to Schobrunn Palace

It was kind of a miserable day when we visited Schobrunn Palace, but that didn’t stop us enjoying it! It was absolutely gorgeous, and the gardens were beautiful even in winter.

Schobrunn Palace, Vienna

Schobrunn Palace, Vienna

4. take a night time walk

In my opinion, the best time to see Vienna is at night, when the city’s buildings are all lit up. The Opera House looks absolutely stunning at night, but as do the other major landmarks. Take an evening stroll and bring your camera!

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

5. Do a day trip to Hallstatt

Charming, quaint, romantic… there are many words I could use to describe Hallstatt but none of them will quite justify the beauty of this pristine alpine township. We found most restaurants and attractions closed for the winter, but the surrounding mountains looked stunningly beautiful covered in snow.

Not easily accessible by public transport (a 2.5 hour trip from Salzburg via bus, train AND ferry) but it was totally and utterly worth the journey through the picturesque Salzkammergut region.

Hallstatt 8

Hallstatt 11

Hallstatt 13

Hallstatt 14

Hallstatt 10

Have you got any tips for visiting Vienna? Share them with us in the comments!

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