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Travel Journal

Click here for the A4 file.
Click here for US Letter file.


  1. Save the file to your computer.
  2. Print cover pages (pages 1-2) double sided on a thick card.
  3. Print start pages (pages 3-8) double sided on office copy paper.
  4. Print inner pages (pages 9-10) double sided on office copy paper. Print as many copies as you think you will need for your trip.
  5. Cut out your pages. The crop marks (small black lines) should give you a guide of where to cut. You can use a ruler and box cutter to keep your lines straight.
  6. Collate the pages in your preferred order.
  7. Get your journal bound. I recommend a wire bind or spiral bind as it will lie flat when you open it. You can also add a plastic cover to protect your journal from damage. Your local office supplies store or print shop should be able to do all this for you.

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