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Blogging Like a Pro

Blogging like a pro - turn your blog into your job by working with brands

So you have a blog, but need to make it fund your constant desire for travel?

I feel ya. I’ve been there.

Instead of trawling through millions of blogs posts on how to make money blogging, I’ve created Blogging Like a Pro for you, my friend.

This 5-day crash course includes all the tools you’ll need to take your blog to the next level and get it noticed by brands. By the time the week is over, you’ll be ready to use your blog as leverage to get sponsorships and free travel!

This course is designed to teach you:

Blogging like a pro course outline

What this course will cover:

  • A detailed explanation of the ways we can work with brands
  • Tips for making your blog look super professional
  • How to create a kickass media kit
  • Tricks of the trade for finding brands to work with
  • How to craft the perfect pitch
  • Guidance on what you should offer brands
  • The steps you should take after you’ve completed a sponsorship

* Note: This course will not go over affiliate links or advertising.

Blogging Like a Pro sample pages

So you’re ready to get your blog noticed by brands? Great! You can sign up now – I promise you won’t regret it.

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