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Holy wow, A Globe Well Travelled just turned 4!

Holy wow, A Globe Well Travelled just turned 4!

My fourth blogiversary has finally come about, and as per tradition, I’ll be listing out all of the juicy stats for you!

But first, a little story of A Globe Well Travelled’s fourth year.

Rob and I started out living abroad in New York City, but decided to move back to Sydney in September. Since then, we bought a 1-bedroom apartment in Sydney (I know, right!? We’re adulting so hard) so that we have a place to call home.

One of the main reasons we decided to buy an apartment was because we got tired of moving house every time we travelled abroad for a long trip. This way, we can keep all our stuff in one place and host our apartment on Airbnb (legally!) when we travel.

In April, I got a contract job at Tourism Australia, so I’ve been working full-time for the past 4 months. The last time I had a full-time job, I was working as a print specialist in Sydney in back in 2013. I quit that job to go backpacking around Europe, and I haven’t had a permanent full-time role since.

This contract job has been a great experiment – I’ve appreciated the steady income (something I haven’t had for the entirety of my freelancing career!) and working with Tourism Australia has taught me loads about Content Management.

I originally stated that the job is travel writing, and it is, but there’s a little more to it than that. I’m also assisting with editing, copyrighting, and updating existing content on the website that I didn’t personally write. I get a sense of satisfaction from knowing that I’m improving the trip planning experience for potential visitors to Australia. Pretty cool, huh.

I must admit that working in a corporate office in the city is not my jam – I’m a creative person who likes a level of autonomy in my work life and flexibility in my lifestyle. I generally prefer to work from home or from cafes, where I have the ability to take short breaks when I feel like I need them.

I’ve also been struggling with blogging. It’s far from the first time that I’ve had issues with creative block, time for writing, or general unmotivation to post, but I usually get through it. This time, though, the issue is that I have a full-time job that includes a lot of writing, which leaves me with very little time or mental energy to work on my own stuff.

As a result, my blog has suffered and I haven’t posted as frequently as I’d like to. I do honestly miss writing and posting all my thoughts about destinations and travel on this blog, so I’m hoping that in the next few months I can free up some time to work on it more.

My contract at Tourism Australia is coming to an end, then in a few weeks time I’m heading off to Europe for a month of travel through England, Scotland, and Portugal (woohoo!). I have no idea what my work situation will look like when I get back in October. Maybe I’ll go back to freelancing, and try my hand at doing Content Management for some travel brands. Who knows!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia – Feb 2018


  • Total pageviews: 742,895
    (pretty much the same as pageviews from year three)
  • Unique visitors: 514,423
    (fun fact: one of these is you!)
  • Reader demographics:
    USA 60%, Canada 7%, UK 6%, and Australia 6%
  • Social Media followers: 44,748

There was no growth in terms of web traffic in year 4, but I’m not entirely surprised seeing as my posting schedule slowed down significantly and I had much less time to concentrate on marketing my posts. My social media followers did continue to grow, and that was mostly thanks to Instagram!


  1. 12 essential activities for a weekend in Boston
  2. 12 essential activities for a weekend in Chicago
  3. The ultimate itinerary for a Big Sur road trip

Here are my top 3 posts that weren’t destination guides:

  1. How to take photos of the night sky
  2. The art of packing lightly: How to fit a week in a carry on bag
  3. Can’t sleep? Here’s 4 foolproof ways to block out noise

MONEY talk:

Did this blog make money in year 4? Yes! How much? About $1300 AUD. Those dollars came primarily from sponsored posts, sponsored links, and affiliate commission. One thing to note is that I invested some of this back into the blog to help it grow.



I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction for A Globe Well Travelled’s future. I’m actually pretty happy with the current course, though I’ve decided to make a few small changes including a new category of posts. The Travel Lifestyle category in the menu bar includes posts on 2 subjects that I’m truly passionate about – Minimalism, and Eco Travel.

Minimalism: Over the past few years, I have become more and more minimalist. It started when I sold everything I owned before backpacking around Europe in 2013, and has eventually become a huge part of who I am today.

Minimalism is the act of reducing clutter in your life and detaching yourself from material possessions. It doesn’t mean you have to give up all the things you own – it just means reducing the amount of stuff you have, keeping only the essentials and the items that bring you joy. It means spending money on things that are important to you, and not wasting cash on unnecessary purchases. It’s a way of life that I believe helps us to travel more often and live a more meaningful existence.

Ethical Travel: To me, ethical travel means sustainablility, creating as little waste as possible, being kind to animals, and minimising harm to others. I have written about this subject in the past, and I plan to write about it more in the future.

Ethical travel isn’t a popular subject, but I believe that it’s an important one to discuss. I hope to assist in growing your knowledge on travelling ethically, sustainably, and responsibly. Every little step we take towards making this world a better place makes a difference, and why not start with the choices we make through travel!

Previous blogiversary posts:

What do you think of A Globe Well Travelled’s past year and future direction? Please share your ideas with me in the comments – I would love to know your thoughts!

4 Responses to “Holy wow, A Globe Well Travelled just turned 4!”

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thanks Charmaine! There have definitely been some ups and downs over the past 4 years but I think it has all been worth it 😉

  1. Alexis Maeve Towle

    Thank you for the amazing inspiration. I can only hope that FormationVacations will be half the blog that A Globe Well Travelled is. Keep up the hard work!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thank you! I plan to keep at it and hopefully improve the blog even more 🙂


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