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3 tricks to triple your blog traffic

3 tricks to triple your blog traffic

As any overambitious person would know, our list of new years resolutions/goals is always filled with an unachievable number of impressive tasks.

We just can’t help it. We’re the type of people who get excited about doing absolutely everything, only to realise later on that such a crazy list is unrealistic.

So when I sat down to put together my 2016 goals list, I decided to be more reasonable. If I analysed what has worked for me over the past year, I could use this as a base for my new goals.

One item on my list is increasing my pageviews on A Globe Well Travelled, so I looked back on my blog stats from the past year to discover what my best moves had been in regards to growth.

I thought that you, my lovely readers, might also find this info useful, so here are 3 tricks I used to triple my blog traffic in 2015.

1. Use Pinterest more

As my number one referrer, I know how valuable Pinterest can be for anyone trying to get their blog noticed.

I started using Pinterest about 4 years ago when I opened my Etsy shop and used it to promote my products. Then when I started this blog in 2014, I opened a new account and began pinning my travel photos and images for my blog posts.

Use Pinterest every day

My biggest referrers from the past 12 months

The results have been phenomenal. Without Pinterest, I’d get half as many pageviews as I’m getting now.

Using Pinterest every day sounds intimidating, but in actual fact, Pinterest requires much less time than other social media platforms – I only spend about 10 minutes per day on it.

The key steps I’ve made to make Pinterest work for me are:

  • Creating long portrait images with bold writing for my posts
  • Pinning those images and photos to group boards
  • Writing intriguing and clickable descriptions for my Pins
  • Using Tailwind to schedule my Pins

It might take a while for your presence to get noticed on Pinterest, but once it does, you’ll see what a huge difference it can make to your traffic.

2. stop avoiding SEO

Ahh, SEO. Three letters that bring fear and intimidation into the hearts of bloggers everywhere.

I never really understood SEO (and lets face it, I still don’t) but using some simple SEO tools has allowed me to benefit from it without actually needing to know it inside out.

My basic understanding is that there are ways you can tweak your blog posts to increase the chances of being found in search engines.

How many times have you searched something like ‘Things to do in New York’ or ‘Flights to Sydney’ in Google? Plenty, right? By improving the SEO of your posts, they’ll be more likely to show up when people search these things.

Stop avoiding SEO

Stop avoiding SEO

Yoast SEO for this post

I installed the free Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress and attempted to get nearly every one of my posts into the ‘green’ category. Since I’ve been doing this, the traffic I’ve received from search engines has quadrupled. Yep, it’s 4X higher than it was a year ago!

Once you’ve installed the plugin, use it to enter one simple focus keyword/phrase for your post. It should be something that people will search for in Google but is fairly unique to your post. For example, the keyword/phrase I have used for this post is ‘triple your blog traffic’. It’s in the post title, and it’s something that other people might do an online search for.

Once you’ve chosen a keyword/phrase, you can then insert it into the meta description and into the text of your post a few times. If you click on the page analysis tab, it will tell you what other things you can do to optimise your SEO.

Like Pinterest, it might take a while for SEO results to start showing up in your stats, but it can make a massive difference in the long run.


I spent a lot of time getting related posts right. First, I did hours of internet searching until I found a WordPress plugin for related posts that I actually liked. It wasn’t even fancy, just some text links to some of my other posts that had similar keywords. I never really knew whether it worked or not.

One day, the plugin failed and I decided to get rid of it. My pageviews didn’t really change, so I presumed that it hadn’t been making a difference anyway.

Then last month, I had one of those weird moments where you remember something you’d heard in the past and it gives you a new idea.

I’d seen Derek Sivers (one of the most awesome entrepreneurs of all time and founder of CD Baby) speak at a conference in Portland last July, and he mentioned that his competitors were stumped about how good his related music suggestions were for customers on his website.

Derek explained that he simply chose the music suggestions manually instead of making a computer decide what people should listen to. His music knowledge was so great that he was able to suggest new music for his customers according to what they’d previously purchased, and he’d be spot on most of the time.

Related posts

My new related posts format

I decided to apply this theory to my posts. Maybe the way I’d been going about it was all wrong – instead of making some computer code do the post suggestions for me, I could manually choose other posts that I thought would be relevant to the people that are reading them.

So I went through my top 5 posts and added 2 images and links to my personally selected related posts, using the rows function in the Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress plugin to make the posts appear side by side.

And whaddya know, it worked! New visitors to my site were clicking on the related posts, and my pageviews increased by about a third. Since then, I’ve also added related posts to some of my older posts, mostly the ones that receive the most traffic from Pinterest.

As it turns out, looking back at my past year was a seriously great idea. This information is going to make it easier to plan my future posts and social media marketing. I hope you’ve found this info valuable for your own 2016 blogging goals!

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25 Responses to “3 tricks to triple your blog traffic”

  1. Petra @ The Global Couple

    Great post, Ashlea! We get over half our traffic from Pinterest too. It’s definitely worth putting the effort in to create nice looking pins and pinning them to group boards! Thanks for your other suggestions too 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thanks Petra! So glad you guys have made use of Pinterest too, I think so many bloggers write it off as ‘too hard’ but it’s actually so much easier than other social media platforms!

  2. Gina

    Great read! Thanks for the really interesting info as I’m just starting out and it’s good to know things like plug ins through WordPress which I use. Pinterest tips are awesome😄👍🏻thanks.

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I’m glad you found it useful, Gina! I’m always on the lookout for great WordPress plugins and blogging tips, so when I have some of my own I’m happy to share them around. Best of luck growing your blog traffic 🙂

  3. Kate

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips and tricks! I’ve been dabbling with Pinterest, but wasn’t sure if I should put too much (any) energy towards it. Given your recommendation, I’ll definitely keep with it. Thanks!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Not a problem, Kate! It takes a little while to get a Pinterest account off the ground, but it’s seriously worth it in the long run! Have fun experimenting with it 😀

  4. Courtney

    Great post! Some of these seem so obvious now that I read them, but I haven’t been doing any of it! I definitely need to up my Pinterest & SEO game.

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Sometimes all it takes is someone pointing it out! I discovered most of these tips through trial and error, so I thought I’d speed up the process for everyone else by writing it all out! Thanks, Courtney 🙂

  5. Alicia (lisa louloubel)

    Your post was really needed, thanks for addressing so many topics here, I have been avoiding SEO cause I just don’t get it lol, but now I am determined to at least give it a go. Thanks again 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I’m really glad you found the post useful, Alicia. I also avoided SEO for a long time because it was just so confusing, but after I bit the bullet and installed the WordPress plugin, I discovered it really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be!

  6. Annemarie

    Hi Ashlea,

    Great tips, geeat post! Totally agree with you on th pinterest and seo points. The related posts I have heard about but not applied myself. I should now. I wonder if you do it inside each post and select the posts to feature or is it separate?


    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thanks Annemarie! I insert the shortcode inside each post, and manually select images for related posts then add the text links beneath them. It’s a little more time consuming than having a plugin do it all for you, but I honestly think this is a far superior way to do it because you get to make it look the way you want, and also choose actually relevant pots for your readers 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thanks Karisa! I highly recommend practicing with Pinterest – once you get the hang of it, you should see some great results! 🙂

  7. Sarah

    I use Pinterest but clearly not as much as I should! Thanks for sharing your tips!


    • Ashlea Wheeler

      It seems that most bloggers don’t use Pinterest as much as other social media platforms – maybe that’s why I have so much luck with it? 😛 Thanks, Sarah!

  8. Claire

    Hey! Thank you so much for this post. One of my focuses has been to lower my bounce rate (especially my pinterest bounce rate) I downloaded the plugin you recommended but cannot fin the “rows” feature. Could you point me in the right direction?

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Hi Claire, here’s a screenshot. You click on the ‘Insert shortcodes’ button while you’re in your post, and then hit ‘Row’. This will bring up some lines of code that you insert into your post, then copy your content in. I hope this helps! 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      It’s definitely hard to grow when you’re just starting out – I’m sure with time (and Pinterest) you’ll eventually get there Laura! Keep at it 😀

  9. Liz Deacle

    this was super helpful! Im just starting out but don’t yet understand the jargon but I’m trying! thanks again Ashlea!


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