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Simple tips for taking a travel break from blogging

Simple tips for taking a travel break from blogging

What should you do with your blog when you take time off for travel?

While blogging seems like the type of job you could continue while you’re jet-setting around the globe, it’s not actually that easy.

On top of the fact that most of my travel time is spent sightseeing, I just flew from Fiji to Mexico (my worst flight ever) and wasn’t able to access the internet for 3 straight days.

But we can’t just leave our blogs sitting there idle while we travel, right? Readers will assume we’ve disappeared off the face of the planet, and discard us for other new and exciting content somewhere else in the blogosphere.

So how do we take a break without damaging our reputation? The simplest way to do this, is preparation.

Here’s a list of tips for taking a travel break, to ensure your blog doesn’t take a hit while you’re away!

Simple tips for taking a travel break from blogging

Aim for a relaxing trip!

A few months before:

Get out your calendar and look at the time that you’ll be away. How many blog posts would you normally publish in that amount of time? Do you want to continue publishing your posts at the same rate or at a slower pace?

Make a plan for some post topics once you’ve made a decision on your post schedule. Think about how much time you’ll need to write those extra posts before you leave, and schedule some time to put them together.

I started writing this post over three weeks ago (it feels weird writing that knowing that this won’t go live for a while). I’ll be compiling posts while I travel as well, but planning a few posts ahead takes the pressure off and allows me to relax a little.

Start planning as far in advance as possible. There’s no way you’re going to be able to put everything together in only a week. Yes, this means you’ll have to work harder in the lead up to your trip, but you’ll have time off to relax afterwards!

Plan a short blogging break. If you don’t want to go down the path of writing a bunch of posts in advance, you could announce to your readers that you’ll be travelling for a little while and trust that they’ll await your return. This should be fine for short-term trips of 1-2 weeks, but if you’re planning on being away for a month or more, this might leave your readers feeling abandoned.

Simple tips for taking a travel break from blogging

Looking forward to some beach time?

A few weeks before:

Start thinking about your social media platforms, and how you’ll manage them while you’re away. Will you have steady access to the internet? And will you want to continue actively posting on certain platforms?

It’s a good idea to stay alive on social media even if you’re not posting on your blog so that they’re not filled with tumbleweed while you’re away.

I schedule posts for my Facebook page a few days in advance. I also use the Publicize setting in the Jetpack by plugin for scheduling some of my social media posts, and Evergreen Post Tweeter for scheduling daily archive posts to on my Twitter feed.


Enjoying my time off in Fiji

A few days before:

Make an announcement. Inform readers and social media followers that you might be a bit quiet for a while. This way, they won’t mind if you’re not as active as normal and will await your return.

Inform any clients that you’ll be taking some time off. I do this with my Etsy shop so that my clients aren’t wondering where I’ve disappeared to, and they know exactly what to expect with a turnaround time for responding to their emails.

Set up a bounce back / out of office on your email informing people of the dates you’ll be away. You could also put a message in your bio or page description.

Things to avoid:

Posting mediocre content on your blog. This will do you more harm than good! Content is king, and if you sacrifice quality for the sake of posting something on your blog, your readers will get bored.

Ignoring comments/emails/questions. It can be hard to keep updated on these things while you travel, but make sure you don’t completely ignore everyone who is trying to contact you. You’ll come across as an arse. At the very least, acknowledge them and say you’ll get back to them after your trip.

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13 Responses to “Simple tips for taking a travel break from blogging”

  1. Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    This is very well-times advice: I’m heading to Europe for a month and am slightly concerned about what I’m going to have on my blog during this time! Hopefully I can get organised enough to schedule some posts in advance!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      At least a month’s worth of posts isn’t too many to organise 🙂 If you don’t manage to find time beforehand, you can always slow down your posting schedule – this is what I’m doing while I’m travelling though the Americas! I hope you have an amazing time in Europe Tessa!

  2. Julia

    I haven’t posted on my blog in about 9 days, and I’ve been feeling soo guilty about it. Something major just came up, and I had to focus on my life for a bit. However, things like this do happen, and I’ve been keeping busy on Instagram as to not completely leave my followers hanging, as you mentioned above 😀


    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Ahh I know the guilty feeling! But sometimes, life happens. There’s no point beating yourself up about it, all you can do is get back to it when you have the chance 🙂

  3. David

    Some good advice. There’s times we just have to stop and enjoy traveling again. Sometimes we may do a adventure but we will not blog about it just because we want to take time and enjoy the adventure. Not everything has to be posted and not everything needs to be photographed.

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      The lines between travel and work definitely become blurred when you’re a travel blogger! You’re absolutely right David, sometimes we do have to take a step back and enjoy the adventure 🙂

  4. Richard

    Just come back from a 48 day cruise with limited stops and ultra expensive internet on board.

    Just catching up with my travel diary now, 5 weeks later so, yes, it is a problem.

    Make notes as you go along is the key here, otherwise it is easy to forget.


    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I’m 100% with you on that one! I carry my smartphone around even when I don’t have internet access so that I can make notes on it when I come up with ideas. It makes it so much easier to elaborate on them later rather than start from scratch!

  5. Richard

    Great ideas. Had a cruise from Sydney to Southampton earlier in the year with no on board internet access unless you were prepared to mortgage your house! 49 days without Internet – .

    Had to make do with Internet at some of the ports to catch up but not time to blog.

    Resorted to typing up the words in “Notes” on the iPad and editing when I got back home – a process still ongoing as you may see from my blog.

  6. Tereza

    Very useful article! I just started blogging so appreciate any kind of new advice.

  7. Holly

    Wonderful tips – I am planning a trip very shortly and have been busy writing a few posts for whilst I am away!

  8. Alex Conomos

    Very helpful info – I think readers really appreciate being kept in the loop with what their favourite bloggers are doing.

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I agree Alex, it’s always nice to be kept in the loop as a reader. I think many people (not just bloggers) underestimate the power of communication!


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