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5 ways to brand your blog (and get recognised like a rockstar)

You’re enjoying a coffee with friends when holy schamole, was that whatshisname from that indie-rock band that just walked in to the café?

Yes, it has to be him. You know its him, because he’s wearing those trademark ray bans, has that bushy brown beard, and the spacer in his earlobe.

After you’ve finished gushing about the sighting of your all time favourite musician, you head directly to the record store down the street and immediately recognise his new album sitting on the display. It has that cool photo of him in the same brown hat you just saw him wearing! And of course the band name across the cover is the same as the logo that you have plastered on a t-shirt that you picked up after rocking out at one of his gigs a few months ago.

So how was it that you knew all this about his style? Because, my friends, you’ve been trained to recognise it through branding.


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Take the above album cover above for example. How do you know it’s Abba (obviously without cheating by reading the band name)?

  • They’re all dressed in ridiculous white + silver/gold clothing. The band members wear these colours in almost public appearance they make.
  • The lead vocalist (just discovered her name is Agnetha Fältskog, wow) has bleached blonde hair. If that hair colour changed, they entire band’s look would be out of whack! Sorry lady, your hair ain’t changing. For the good of the band.
  • The guys wear those fantastic pants that leave nothing to the imagination and flare out at the bottom to cover their platform shoes. Always.
  • The girls wear those boots that would look appropriate on a space mission.
  • And their logo has the whole backwards B symmetry thing.

This is branding. Creating a ‘look’ for yourself that makes you recognisable to the public.

Famous musicians strive to be recognised, so their set designs, album covers, the clothes and accessories they wear, and the colours they use on their merchandise are all part of their branding. By repeating these style elements time and time again, the public start associating those things with them.

So if you want to be a rockstar blogger, you need to get on this! Branding is your design style. It’s the common elements you use throughout your online presence so that people know that it’s you behind them.

Here are 5 ways for you to brand your blog into something stage-worthy.

Use some kickass fonts

Fonts are the easiest way to create a unique look for your brand! They’re usually the first thing that people will see and are easily able to be used in many aspects of your blog. Feature images, your logo/header image, sidebar images… there are endless possibilities.

I use 2 fonts in all my online images, one cursive and one bold. You can see on my home page that I use these two fonts in most of my graphics, which makes them immediately recognisable as the A Globe Well Travelled brand.

With blogging, it’s important to remember that bold fonts are more likely to grab people’s attention. See my tutorial on how to create awesome feature images for your blog posts for super ideas on using fonts and text in your online images.

Pick a rockin' colour scheme

There are a gazillion different studies that show how the human mind associates colours with certain things, which is why using colour coding (in anything from filing your documents to a train station map) is so effective. This is not something that many bloggers think about, but is actually one of the most important things you could do!

I’ve picked 3 colours that I consistently use in my branding, you can see them in my header – a watermelon orange, neutral beige, and a charcoal grey (why yes, I did just pull those colour names out of my ass). You’ll see these in things like my profile picture and the graphics on my destinations page, I even tied it in with my media kit!

Be consistent with layout

Advertising normally works by repeating the same message over and over again until it sticks in someone’s mind, so having someone feel familiar with your layout is going to have a huge effect on recognition.

If someone stumbles across one of your posts and has coincidently been on your site before, they might recognise your brand from your site layout. With this in mind, I structure most of my blog posts in a similar way and keep the general structure of my site the same no matter which page you are on.

Embrace your photography style

I know not everyone here is a photographer, but if you regularly use any kind of images on your blog, then the photos you choose should be a reflection of your style.

You could add a black and white photo into every post. You could be the person who is great at capturing the faces of the locals in the place you’re visiting. You could use a colour filters on many of your photos (here’s how to create Instagram filters in Photoshop). There are so many options.

In reality, you might have already started doing this. Take a look through your photos and decide what the common elements are. This is your style and you can now start shoving it in your readers faces at every chance you get.

Strive to be unique

Getting ideas from other bloggers is fine, but make sure you always put a unique twist on it. If you’re constantly doing things that are different to everyone else, those things will become a part of your branding.

Embrace your personality in your writing. You could create a trademark by wearing a certain item of clothing in many of your photos. I’ve mentioned before that I’m wearing my red coat in all of the photos of me in Europe, so it’s kinda my thing now. It makes me recognisable.

For more tips on standing out from the crowd, see my post on a bloggers guide to being unique!

I’d love to hear what you think about branding – do you have other tips on how to brand your blog? Share with us in the comments!

Ashlea Wheeler

Blogger & Photographer at A Globe Well Travelled
I'm Ashlea, an excitable Australian who loves photography and exploring the world. Find out more about me.

20 Responses to “5 ways to brand your blog (and get recognised like a rockstar)”

  1. MissLilly

    Really good tips! I have to say it’s not that easy to create a unique style and developing our own brand. It requires a lot of trial and error and will keep on changing over time 🙂

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      You’re absolutely right, it’s not easy – but it doesn’t have to be done all at once 🙂 If you start applying it to everything you do, you’ll eventually end up with a decent amount of branding on your blog. And there’s definitely room to change over time! I notice that I start getting bored of certain aspects of my branding and then change them up a bit every now and again to keep things interesting 🙂

  2. Petra @ The Global Couple

    Great tips! I’m guilty of my design, fonts, colours etc. being all over the place. I really like how you use the same fonts and colours and that your posts are really recognisable on Pinterest/Bloglovin’ etc. I just find it hard to pick one scheme that I like!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      I know the feeling Petra – it’s difficult to pick only one style and stick to it all the time! But it pays off in the long run. And remember you’re not tied down to it forever, if you get bored of it you can change things up in the future 🙂

  3. Sanji

    Really good tips!! But I struggle so much to find my own and unique way of blogging. Just started last year and every second day (kind of) I feel like I’ve to change something or that I don’t like the style I loved last week and so on. I’m hopeless.
    But hands down for your design, you’re right it really IS recognisable!!

    Do you have any tips how to edit photos? Do you use photoshop or something else? & ddo you create your own fonds?

    Cheers :*

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thanks Sanji! Finding your own unique way of blogging will come in time, just remember that change is ok as long as it’s taking you in a good direction!

      I’m glad you find my design style recognisable! I use both Photoshop and InDesign for my graphics, and I usually use fonts that I’ve downloaded from websites such as Font Squirrel (as long as they have royalty free licensing). I’ve also done a post on my photo editing tips here, and there’s more posts on that subject coming up real soon 😀

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Thanks Jennifer! There is a lot to consider with branding – I think the easiest way to go about it is to put together a plan on all of the above steps, then just work on one thing at a time. Creating a new logo is a great place to start! 🙂

  4. Shane McDonald

    Great ideas there. Certainly bring consistent is important, and being different sets you apart from everyone else. One other thing is writing style, don’t try to be anything other than yourself.

    I’m running a little survey in April if any travel bloggers wish to take part …

    Thanks again

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Great tips Shane – it’s actually quite a challenge to write in a style that reflects your personality, but is definitely something we all should learn to do!

  5. Lucy

    This post is so useful! I am super energised to start working on my brand now:)

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Ahh I love your red coat! And totally agree with it being difficult to find good clothes, I can totally understand that you’d wear the same item time and time again once you found something that fits!

  6. Jaynie

    These are great tips! There is so much involved with blogging. I’m still trying to figure out how to post pictures straight.
    Someday I will look back and see how much I’ve learned !

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      It won’t take long for you to pick up a few tricks, Jaynie! Just keep reading posts that help you with blogging/social media/photography and you’ll see yourself improve in no time 🙂

  7. Ebony Meadows

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to purchase my DSLR camera. Until then I use my iphone as well as many apps. I can’t think of brand concept yet. I’m just waiting on more specific direction on my blog. There is alot of trial and error. I am still learning how to use html. Good to know it’s ok to change things up over time!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      iPhones actually have fairly good cameras – if you know how to use them then they can go a long way! Though I do love my DSLR more than anything 😀

      There’s definitely a lot of trial and error with blogging! I think waiting to see where your blog direction goes is a great idea, though remember you have some control over it too, Ebony!


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