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Bicheno, Tasmania

Itineraries for an epic Tasmanian road trip

I spent 22 years of my life in this naturally beautiful Australian state.

My childhood was filled with day trips up the coast, hiking in national parks, visiting waterfalls and viewpoints and rock formations. This seemingly tiny state has a surprisingly large number of things to see and do.

On the most recent visit to my home state, I realised that many people want to experience the best of Tassie but have no idea how to go about it, so I’m going to share some epic Tasmanian road trip itineraries with you!

Seals on the Tasman Peninsula
Seals on the Tasman Peninsula

General travel tips for Tasmania:

  • The easiest way to get there is to fly into Hobart and rent a car from the airport. You can also fly into Launceston, or take your own car across to Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania.
  • The best travel time is October – March. Expect large crowds around Christmas and New Year during the Taste of Tasmania festival and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.
  • Winter gets cold and wet but you can expect this weather any time of year, so be prepared for all weather conditions. Yes, I have experienced snow in February before!
  • Get a national parks pass. This will save you a lot of hassle buying a day pass at each park, and will be cheaper than buying separate passes. You can buy them online through Parks & Wildlife.
Bruny Island, Tasmania
Spectacular scenery on Bruny Island

How long does it take to see Tasmania:

The number one biggest mistake people make when they visit Tasmania is thinking they can zoom around the state in a few days, but this is just not possible. There is so much to see and a million places to explore. You will seriously regret it if you don’t give yourself enough time to see the state properly.

For this reason the following recommended itineraries are 7, 10, and 14 nights. I’ve also limited driving time to less than 3 hours per day. If you do this trip any faster you won’t get a chance to step out smell that fresh Tasmanian air! (Confession: Every time I step off the plane in Hobart I take an alarmingly large breath of this air. There really is nothing else like it.)

Great spots to stop in Tasmania:

These places are great for stopping for a day or an overnight stay. Many of these places can be seen in a day trips from Hobart or Launceston – the links will take you to some day tour options.

  • Southeast: Hobart, Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthur, Bruny Island, Richmond, Tahune Airwalk
  • East Coast: Coles Bay, Freycinet National Park, Bicheno
  • Northeast: St Helens, Bay of Fires, Launceston & Tamar Valley
  • Northwest: Penguin, Stanley, Cradle Mountain
  • West Coast: Strahan
  • Midlands: Lakes district, Mt Field National Park

Recommended Tasmania itineraries:

Tasmanian Road Trip Map, 7 days

7 nights – Hobart to Launceston

  • 2 nights in Hobart
  • 1 night in Port Arthur or Tasman Peninsula
  • 2 nights in Coles Bay or Bicheno
  • 1 night in Launceston
  • 1 night in Cradle Mountain
Tasmanian Road Trip Map, 10 days

10 nights – Hobart to Hobart

  • 2 nights in Hobart
  • 1 night in Port Arthur or Tasman Peninsula
  • 2 nights in Coles Bay or Bicheno
  • 1 night in Launceston
  • 1 night in Cradle Mountain
  • 2 nights in Strahan
  • 1 night along the way back to Hobart
Tasmanian Road Trip Map, 14 days

14 nights – Hobart to Hobart

  • 3 nights in Hobart
  • 1 night in Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula
  • 2 nights in Coles Bay or Bicheno
  • 1 night in St Helens or Bay of Fires
  • 1 night in Launceston
  • 1 night in Stanley or North West Coast
  • 2 nights in Cradle Mountain
  • 2 nights in Strahan
  • 1 night along the way back to Hobart

Guided tour options:

If you just don’t have the time to drive around but still want to see Tasmania, there are a few multi-day tours that will allow you to see the best of the state in a short amount of time. Try Intrepid’s Taste of Tasmania: A 6-day tour that hits all the best spots (there’s also a budget option of this same tour).

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