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3 must-do activities in Salzburg

3 must-do activities in Salzburg

Salzburg is famous for two major things – Mozart, and The Sound of Music.

Every shop, hotel, and tourist attraction seemed to be themed on one of these. I happened to have a song montage of the Sound of Music melodies stuck in my head for the duration of my three day stay.

Still, there are things to do that aren’t Mozart or Sound of Music related! Here are my top 3 activities in Salzburg.

1. Head to a beer hall

What better activity to amuse yourself with in Salzburg than trying some Bavarian-style beer and salty pretzels at Augustiner Bräu.

Get yourself a stein of the local brew and peruse the numerous food stalls for some traditional schnitzel or bratwurst. The beer hall opens at 3PM and is open ’til late – but you’ll have to head in early if you’d like a seat!

Salzburg 22

Salzburg 21

Salzburg 17

2. Check out the classic architecture

What really grabbed my attention in Salzburg were the winding narrow streets of old town with its towering spires, and historic churches. If you’re into photography (like I am) then you’ll love this place! Take a wander through the old town and see what you can find.

Salzburg 5

Salzburg 4

3. visit the castle

I don’t often go inside European castles as I find the price is usually too high for my liking, but Salzburg is one of the time when I paid the entrance fee and did not regret it.

The views from the castle are absolutely amazing, and the tour of the castle itself was great. There are also museums inside that are sure to please everyone. Definitely a must-do in Salzburg.

Salzburg 8

Salzburg 6

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2 Responses to “3 must-do activities in Salzburg”

  1. Caprice

    Thank you for the tips about Salzburg! Headed there this summer for a couple of days and it’s good to see more than Sound of Music tours on an agenda! Those pretzels look amazing!!

    • Ashlea Wheeler

      Ooh that’s great, Caprice! I’m sure you will love Salzburg 🙂


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